About Us: 

When Xtreme Fishing Products was founded, we had one simple goal in mind. We wanted to bring the newest and best quality products to our customers and we strive to do just that. We specialize in Jet Ski Fishing but we do not stop at that. We also research and try out new products all the time that appeal to Jet ski fisherman and boaters alike.


Within the past year we have been growing tremendously, gaining alot of popularity with the most inexpensive Roto-Molded Coolers on the market. Also, we strive to offer monthly specials on our custom cups, coolers, and other items that we stock. Within the coming year we are going to be expanding our Rotomolded cooler line, offering installations for all of the products that we sell, and become one of the only Marine electronics dealers/installers on the space coast. 

So now that we have all that out of the way, I would like to speak a little bit about our founder, Mike Nelson. Mike has always been an avid fisherman and boater throughout his whole life. He has owned and restored numerous boats but has always had a passion for the "Xtreme" side of fishing. From fishing on the Indian River during a hurricane in a dingy (which sunk that day) to fishing on a paddleboard offshore. He has always looked for the most Xtreme and innovative ways to fish. That is when Jet Ski fishing caught his eye. He noticed that alot of other countries consider Jet Ski Fishing a cult. They regularly fish very far offshore and catch very large fish on the regular. That is when he got the idea in his head to offer the best accessories for that sport which are very hard to come by. He designs most of the Jet Ski Fishing accessories that we sell by himself and takes the initiative to find manufacturers for these products. He also tests and installs these products to make sure that they will work for everyone. Safety is his main concern when it comes to this. That is why our boxes and our setups are designed to allow you to re-board the vessel if you were to fall off. He has also designed our boxes to keep all of your gear and keep all of your rods safe in the event of a flip-over. We are always working on finding the newest products and we strive to keep them as inexpensive as possible to allow EVERYONE to get into our sport. 

With all that being said, we are glad that you took the time to read about us and we hope to hear from you soon! Thank you in advance for any and all communication with us. And please do not hesitate to contact us for any of your Xtreme Fishing needs! We are available almost 24/7 to answer all of your product/ Jet Ski fishing questions. 

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