Meet the KULA . Yeah, its round! And well, why shouldn’t it be. We figured since all your drinks are round it only made sense.

The KULA is a tool for your life. Lightweight, easy to carry, tough as hell and designed to keep ice till the cows come home. From campfire barstool to a beachside lunch box, the KULA is there when you need it.

Why this cooler? …






Roto molded plastic construction that led the Gator Proof Alliance to certify these babies “GATOR PROOF.” Food grade plastic that’s tuff enough for you to sit, stand, jump, or hit it with a sledge hammer. Just cause it’s tuff doesn’t mean it isn’t soft enough for your food.

The KULA is the only product certified by the Gator Proof Alliance (GPA)


Badass® Insulation

We’ve cold tested the KŪLA for days in a bunch of different conditions and found that your ice will consistently outlast you in the heat


Bottle Jaws™

Yeah, it comes with an integrated stainless steel bottle opener. Shouldn’t every cooler?


5 Gallon!

  • 27 can beers
  • 62 Baseballs
  • 105 Live shrimp
  • 5 Gallons of water for your dog
  • 15 dozen oysters packed with ice
  • 10 ham sandwiches, 8 juice boxes, 5 apples and 3 Beers


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Kula 5

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